101 Ways To Massively Increase The Value Of Your Real Estate -
By Dolf De Roos

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Editorial Review

This book provides simple, effective strategies for increasing the value of your real estate holdings-without spending significant amounts of money in the process. You will learn how to make a positive and lasting first impression and how to improve the rental value, rentability, market value, sales price, selling time and equity of your real estate properties. 

Reader Reviews

Most of the ideas in here you probably already know: add on a garage, paint the house, etc. There are a few new ideas in here, but not enough to justify the price. Is de Roos just trying to make a profit? I think so. Move on and find a better book that has more unique ideas... ...Sweet Girl (Arizona)

Need I say more? This book just doesn't have what it takes. It lacks innovative and new ideas on how to improve the value of property. These are ideas that have long before been thought up in many previous real estate books. Move on to a better book... ...A reader

This is another MONEY MAKER for Dolf de Roos. Dolf charges over $2000 and more for his seminars! This is the reason he can afford his NICE Cars, Fancy Houses, and Extraordinary Travels. You do in fact need MONEY to Make Money. You also need MONEY to Increase the Value of Your Real Estate. But this is not an issue for the author of this book, because of his Seminar and Book Sales. This is one Author of which I do not have respect for. He does not practice what he preaches. Dolf is only RICH because of his Seminars. Not because of Real Estate. Please read a book by someone who actually knows how to invest in Real Estate. Not someone who knows how to Sell Seminars and Books... ...intelligent4465 from (LA) 

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