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Brian Tracy

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Strategy, tactics, and mental preparedness separate superior salespeople from the average -- and with technological advances evening the competition, the selling edge is now more important than ever. Drawing on his own successful sales career and on his extensive experience as a sales consultant and seminar leader, Brian Tracy has developed the most comprehensive and effective approach to selling ever created.

Advanced Selling Strategies provides you with the techniques and tools used by top salespeople in every industry -- methods that net immediate and spectacular results. This book explains how to:

* Develop the self-image to give you the edge in every sales situation

* Concentrate on the customers emotional factors to ensure better sales results

* Identify your customers most pressing concerns and position your product or service to fill those needs


Reader Reviews

Brian Tracy’s very detailed, thoughtful pro selling book is a “salesman’s best friend”, and along with books from others such as Schiffman and Gitomer, is essential for successful salesmanship. What impressed me most about this book is the experience that comes through; Tracy is an authentic, proven sales professional who reveals hundreds of techniques that are crucial for successful salesmanship. If I was a sales manager, I’d require all new sales reps to read this book, and make elements of it the foundation for sales training programs. As a sales trainer, I recommend this book to all my clients worldwide, as it’s very detailed, advanced, non¬-gimmicky, and intelligent. Unlike other books, this doesn’t have the old-school clichéd rely on different phrases substitute for salesmanship; instead Tracy offers us a rare, advanced glimpse into the inner workings of a true sales professional. This one’s a winner and a must-read, I still periodically re-read it myself and pick up new insights I use in my own sales processes. Terrific book, this is one of the top 10 on sales Id recommend to anyone who wants to become more successful (regardless of experience!) in their salesmanship. Nice work - thanks, Brian!... ...Kenneth E. Calhoun “” (Colorado Springs, CO) 

Becoming a successful salesperson isn't dependent on inherent talent, says Brian Tracy. Eighty percent of the success of top sales people is due to their attitude. In this book, Brian Tracy has advice for adopting the right attitude, and for all three steps of the selling process including finding your customers, presenting your product and closing the sale.  The best salespeople see themselves as self-employed. They know that they are responsible for their own careers. They see themselves as problem-solvers and strategic thinkers. They try to solve problems that their customers have. They also practice the Golden Rule, selling unto others as they would have others sell unto them. They are honest and ethical with customers.  This book is crammed with advice for improving your attitude towards selling, prospecting for customers, presenting products to customers and closing your sales. An invaluable resource... ...Louise McCauley (Chicago, IL)

Brian Tracy details the psychological aspects and the nitty gritty of the three steps to effective consultative selling: (1) build rapport and credibility, (2) diagnose problem, and (3) prescribe / present solution. Brian describes several critical success factors in selling. The critical success factors in any profession is the minimal set of factors that need to be accomplished well to be successful in that profession. For effective selling, mastering the following critical success factors is required: (1) prospecting (2) getting appointments (3) qualifying (4) problem identification and clarification (5) presenting (6) answering objections (7) closing (8) follow-through and delivery and (9) resales and referrals. Brian discusses unique aspects related to selling to large accounts. You will undoubtedly become a more effective salesperson by practicing the techniques discussed here... ...Anurag Gupta "platform guru" (Redmond, WA United States)

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