Greatest Salesman in the World Part II -
By Og Mandino

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Editorial Review

This is a sequel to Mandino's 1967 bestselling parable about Hafid, a camel boy who happened upon a young couple and their shivering infant. Carrying a red cloak, which his master had instructed him to sell, ok? He generously wrapped it around the child, who was the infant Jesus. Impressed by this generous gesture, Hafid's master gave him scrolls containing 10 straightforward principles for achieving personal and professional success. Part two begins as aging Hafid of Damascus, now the greatest salesman in the world, languishes after the death of his "loving woman." To rejuvenate himself, Hafid undertakes a speaking tour to enlighten others about the 10 principles. During this journey, Hafid learns that the man he gave the scrolls, Jesus' apostle Paul, lost them in a shipwreck. Just before he dies, Hafid goes to hallowed Mt. Hermon, where God addressed Jesus, and creates new scrolls for posterity. At this point, Mandino explains each of the 10 rules in simple, reasonable prose. Among other things, he exhorts his disciples to eschew self-pity, establish goals, behave amiably and actively seek new opportunities. While his inspirational message is banal, the author communicates so lucidly and persuasively that those who enjoyed his first book will undoubtedly find this one equally appealing. Major ad/promo; author tour... ...Publishers Weekly

Reader Reviews

When asked to write a sequel to The Greatest Salesman in the World, Og Mandino said that he "didn't want to risk producing any sort of sequel that might dilute or harm the original in any way." In this sequel, he has actually enhanced the original by seamlessly weaving one story into the next. Hafid, now 20 years older, has allowed himself to slip into a slumber of self-pity. Through a dream and the timely appearance of a mysterious stranger, the greatest salesman in the world sets out once again to better the world around him. More than just an illustration of ten success principles, this book is a fascinating story with nuggets of wisdom hidden throughout. Each of the ten Vows of Success contain powerful observations that will hit you right between the eyes. This book stands well on its own, but will be even more meaningful to those who have read and enjoyed the original... ...Larry Hehn, Author of Get the Prize: Nine Keys for a Life of Victory

This is such a great book, its so small yet filled with so much helpful information and advice, I STRONGLY recommend this book to just about anybody. Read the first Part of the 2 book series and then the second and I guarantee you will love these 2 books. After reading them, I simply stopped and thought about what i just read, and the information in them is so helpful and can be applied to just about anything you are going through, it just gives you a whole new way of looking at the world. This book pretty much turns your way of looking at life upside down. One thing though, i am 17 and I have never really read anything with such a good positive message to it. And its interesting to read too. So if this is something i liked, this will surely be something you will LOVE !! Take care... ...Max from California, Sac

This is the greatest book i have ever read, though i only follow half of the book instructions (my father's stroke broke my progress ), i benefit a lot from the book, especially the attitude to the world and human. now i am no longer the boy who feel the world treats him unfair, but a guy feel the world is full of love, and readiy to help anyone who needs help... ...A Reader

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