How To Close Every Sale -
By Joe Girard

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Editorial Review

Author explains how to make a prospect feel obligated to buy the product. He discusses how to recognize the right times for subtle high pressure tactics and how to go double or nothing and close that sale now or never! The world's greatest salesman presents the definitive guide to effectively closing any sales presentation. Softcover.

Reader Reviews

If you're new to the auto sales business get this book and read it and use the techniques that Joe describes and you will see your sales/closes increase dramatically- on the other hand if you've been in the business for some years-don't bother because you have developed so many unprofessional and negative habits to the point that you would not understand the value of this book and will continue your gypsy like existence of going from dealership to dealership for employment. But if you're new, young, fresh and open minded, this book will be a great aid to selling and above all respecting the customer... ...A reader

I have read some of the reviews for this book and thought I would throw in my 2 cents. I have had the audio version of this book in my car for the last two years. I imagine it is like having your successful uncle ride along with you, giving you information and tips you immediately understood were priceless but did not have time to write down or were desperate to remember later. Sure his information is very basic. Yet, it serves as a constant reminder to any sales professional that selling is really about understanding some very rudimentary motivations and making sure your product/service meets those needs. Oh by the way, thanks Joe - I am #1 in my territory and customer referrals bring in a constant flow of new business... ...Thomas Pickard (Los Angeles, CA United States)

Author Joe Girard provides a view of traditional sales strategies. He presents every step in the sales process and offers advice about every obstacle that you are likely to encounter. While his impressive credentials and experience qualify him to speak and write about successful sales techniques, these strategies, as presented in this book, may backfire when used on today's savvy consumers. Nearly every one of the author's suggestions involves obvious sales one-liners, maneuvers, and psychological tricks that today's marketing-saturated consumer is either immune to or would see right through in an instant. Although written in great detail with plenty of useful examples, this book serves best as an adjunct to other reading material on the subject. We at getAbstract recommend this book to anyone who has to sell a product or service and wants basic information... ...Rolf Dobelli (Luzern Switzerland)

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