How To Sell Anything To Anybody -
By Joe Girard

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Editorial Review

A how-to guide from the man the Guinness Book of World Records named "The World's Greatest Salesman," and the philosophy that has accelerated him to the top for more than 10 years... ...Ingram --This text refers to the Audio Cassette edition.

Reader Reviews

The book gets right down to the details that are needed to make the sale, or even more important, get the customer in the door in the first place. A great motivational and educational book to add to the library... ...A reader

First, this book is misnamed. It should be called something like "How to build a great sales business." That being said, it is my only real critisism of the book. 

He starts off by giving his own personal history, which is interesting reading, but not really what I am here for. He then goes into selling lessons, and for anyone that has built a sales business (and thinks of their selling as running their own business), he really lays out some good stuff. He talks about how to build a referal network, how to brand yourself in the market place, the importance of taking care of your customers and your coworkers, building and maintaing your contact lists, the importance of high activities and many other lessons.

As I sales manager, I would take out some of his chapters and give them to my sales people to read because I thought they were so good. The chapter on "Don't Join the Club" is worth the purchase price of the book if you are an inside sales person or a manager of them. Easy read, you will knock it out in a couple hours. Highly recommend... ...smithjb23 from Ashburn, va United States

This is a man who had a horrible childhood who at age 37 turned his life around when it came down to the sale to mean that he would be able to buy groceries for his starving family. He has a street wise humor and wisdom, mixed with a millionaire's faith in what sells can do for everyone. Reading this little book helped me take on a saleperson's identity in that he seemed to understand hesitations that I had that had prevented me from closing deals as a self-employed person. Also, his "birddog system," where he teaches you to easily receive referrals from others, even if you have not done business with them.

Read this book no matter how many books you have read on this subject. You will become more confident, creative and wealthy... ...Carmen Matthews from San Diego, California.

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