How To Sell Yourself -
By Joe Girard

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Editorial Review

Comic essayist Gannon, a first-generation American, serves up a tangy, tasty Irish stew that mixes memories with mythology and facts with fables. Examining Ireland from an American perspective, Gannon begins with a study of stereotypes ("In the winter, it's still green.... Everyone in Ireland is continually looking for some excuse to drink.... Even though everyone in Ireland can dance, they cannot dance and move their upper body at the same time"). Admitting "the real Ireland, I couldn't tell you," Gannon reflects on Irish aspects of his childhood and his father's New Jersey bar, Gannon's Irish American Refreshment Parlor. Those remembrances, an Irish history lesson and speculations on his parents' past serve as a warmup to an engaging travelogue of the trip to Ireland Gannon made with his wife, who told him, "Years and years of New Jersey have built up around you, like rust. Now it has to be scraped away." There's a lighthearted lilt as he compares places and people to American life and has amusing close encounters with the locals (one tells him, "we can take anything, put a fooking shamrock on it, and you'll buy it"). Intertwining personal observations, insights, free associations, cinematic references and humor, Gannon takes readers on a captivating cultural journey of the identity crisis less traveled. Going from routes to roots, the inventive humorist has written a charming memoir certain to entertain both Irish-American readers and an even wider audience. Map, illus... ...Publishers Weekly

Reader Reviews

This book, which is not a travel book nor a psychological treatise although it has elements of both, will bring a feeling of recognition and self discovery to many Irish-Americans like myself. Gannon accurately reflects the upbringing in an Irish home where many things are left unsaid and much of family history is shrouded in mystery. His trip to Ireland to learn more about his parents and his forebears is a treat--enlightening, educational and very funny. It is also dead-on in its take on Ireland and the Irish. It is a fascinating trip that will keep the reader laughing and engrossed. Highly recommended... ...A reader

I recieved this book as a present. I thought of it as a sort of travel book, but it's something much different. It's a very funny, personal and touching book. It's not a "fact book", and I don't think it pretends to be. But it is very memorable, very funny , and very entertaining. Just a lovely read. At the end I was genuinely moved... ...A reader

This book is mildly amusing but if any book called for a careful editor it's this one. It's got geography, history, culture all astonishlingly wrong. Irish as a Germanic language. Athlone 150 miles from Dublin. 1879 a Famine year. etc. etc... ...Noel (Arlington, VA United States).

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