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Joe Girard, the man who can sell anything to anybody, knows that sales people are paid to do one thing: to close the sale. Joe Girard shows you how to overcome objections and how to close even the most difficult sale. Joe Girard is one of those rare creatures: a highly motivated man who can communicate his inspiration and attitudes to others. Joe refers to it as "spark." In his own words, "sparks create fires." His first sparks would come painfully at an early age. He was born on November 1, 1928, on the east side of Detroit, Michigan, in one of the city's most deplorable ghettos. He lived about one mile from one of his earliest heroes, Joe Louis, who escaped from poverty and became heavyweight champion boxer of the world while Joe was still a struggling adolescent.

The 2 "Sparks" of Joe Girard - the initial struggle began with his own father, Antonino, an extremely poor man of Sicilian birth who found no success in his new country and vented his bitterness, both physically and emotionally, upon his younger son. Joe often speculates as to whether his father's behavior was the carefully planned campaign of a man who desperately wished to challenge his son. Whatever the truth, the senior Girard chose to constantly berate his son with the message that Joe would never amount to anything worthwhile. This was Joe's first spark: the determination to prove that his father had been wrong.

At the same time, Joe Girard's mother fed her constant love and belief that, indeed, Joe was capable of succeeding in life. This was Joe's second spark: to show his mother that her love and judgment had not been misplaced. These two sparks led to Joe Girard's first revelation: that smart work and persistence could work wonders.

For 12 straight years Joe sold more cars and trucks than any other salesperson. More as an individual than most dealers sell in total. No other salesperson has ever attained this title for more than one year, and not for both cars and trucks. On January 1, 1978, Joe Girard hung up his gloves and quit selling cars. During his selling career (1963-1977), he sold 13,001 cars, all at retail. Most of his time is now spent writing books, giving lectures, and sales rallies.

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