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Og Mandino was a U. S. pilot during World War II, and after the war he worked as a magazine editor. In 1968 Og Mandino published The Greatest Salesman in the World, a parable with common sense advice on how to succeed in life. The book was a success and Og Mandino became one of the most popular motivational speakers in the U. S. He went on to write other self-help books, including The Greatest Secret in the World and A Better Way to Live. All told, Mandino has sold more than 30 million books.

The Ten Time-Tested Principles of Og Mandino

  • Principle No. 1: Commitment

  • Principle No. 2: Love

  • Principle No. 3: Persistence

  • Principle No. 4: Miracle

  • Principle No. 5: Time

  • Principle No. 6: Emotion

  • Principle No. 7: Laughter

  • Principle No. 8: Value

  • Principle No. 9: Action

  • Principle No. 10: Guidance

It has taken scientists 35 years to prove what 25 million Og Mandino fans knew the moment they began reading the Ten Principles. Millions have experienced the magic. There is also a scientific basis for why this little book has changed so many people’s lives. Dr. Robert S. Hartman in his research regarding the formal deductive science of Axiology proved that if we are to recognize and change our thought processes, curriculum must be written in the language of the intrinsic, which is metaphor and poetry. This provides for an infinite number of applications of the material allowing it to effectively address the different circumstances and complexities of our individual lives. As you read each principle on a daily basis new ideas and solutions will fly off the Og Mandino page in answer to the changing challenges you face. 

Og Mandino’s Success System

Millions of successful men and women from nearly every race, religion, and ethnic background have applied the principles taught in the Og Mandino Ten Principles. Are you ready to make your life work better, to take control of your thought processes, and assume responsibility for making better choices? Start reading masterpieces of the all time great legendary motivational and inspirational trainer - Og Mandino.

Popular Books of Og Mandino



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