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Brian Tracy

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Editorial Reviews

With his 300-odd video and audio courses (sales at one mil.), and 30 books, Tracy has built a strong motivational sales and marketing brand. This latest installment shapes pop psychological constructs to fit Tracy’s existing paradigms: Your subconscious does not think or decide. It merely obeys your mental commands. Tell that to Dr. Freud, one might retort, but the point here is not fidelity to psychology theory, but efficacy in getting readers to change the way they bring themselves to a sale. Visualization techniques, concrete sales advice and motivational pep talks make up chapters like The Inner Game of Selling and The Power of Suggestion. The Getting More Appointments chapter recapitulates sound but Willy Lohman - Even advice like Sidestep the Excuse or Don’t Be Put Off; the book as a whole feels familiar, but its clearly organized. Even in Tracy’s generic prose, the repackaged tried-and-trues will find their marks... ...Publishers Weekly

Reader Reviews

I have to admit that I am a big fan of Brian Tracy, have many of his audio and video programs, several books and have been to his seminars. Usually when a new Brian Tracy book or audio program comes out, I invariably buy it. Such was the case with The Psychology of Selling. This book is 8 chapters and 219 pages. It is a condensed version of his tape program which came out in the 1980s and sold over a million copies. I have given this book a three instead of a five because I feel that this book is not as deep as Advanced Selling Strategies which Tracy wrote nearly 10 years go. This book, The Psychology of Selling falls somewhere in-between Advanced Selling Strategies and Be A Sales Superstar, another book written by Tracy back in 2002. My personal favorite Tracy book on sales is Advanced Selling Strategies. This book should not be confused with the great audio tape program of the same name. That program has far more depth and material than this book. Nonetheless, The Psychology Of Selling is good reading for a new sales person or for a Tracy fan like myself who merely wants a quick synopsis of some of Tracy’s best selling ideas. This book is like an printed abridged version of Tracy’s audio program. I read the whole book in one night. What I got out of it was a reminder of Tracy’s best ideas and perhaps a few things that I had forgotten. In that regard, it was a worthwhile investment. Good book, but being familiar with Tracy, I feel he could have included more meat... ...Chuck Kimbriel “Happy Amazon Customer” (USA) 

My whole life I thought no way could I be a sales person. That’s just not the kind of person I am. But Brian Tracy thoroughly explains selling and how to do it properly. He makes it seem easy. Now I feel like I could do it and I almost would like to try my hand at a sales job just to see how well I could do it. However, the reason I read this is to help me with selling stuff in my online store. Some of the advice he gave can be applied to that too... ...R. Johnson “19th century artist” (SoCal, USA)

It is a misconception that people hate salespeople. People hate BAD salespeople. When you use the mind set and methods that Brian Tracy teaches you are not selling you are helping a customer to solve problems. The sales are a natural by product of focusing on the clients needs not yours. I wish that every sales person that I had to deal with used Brian’s methods. This is one of my top ten sales books... ...James E. Gallagher (Pleasant Hill CA)

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