The Greatest Salesman In The World - By Og Mandino

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Editorial Review

The Greatest Salesman in the World is a tiny book, and it is a treasure. First published in 1968, Og Mandino's classic remains an invaluable guide to a philosophy of salesmanship. Mandino's clear, simple writing style supports his purpose: to make the principles of sales known to a wide audience. A parable set in the time just prior to Christianity, The Greatest Salesman in the World weaves mythology with spirituality into a much needed message of inspiration in this culture of self-promotion. Mandino believes that to be a good salesperson, you must believe in yourself and the work you are doing. It is a simple but profound spiritual philosophy about how to succeed in the world's marketplace, easily understood and easy to take to heart... ...Amazon.Com

Reader Reviews

I had my first Southwestern summer this year. I sold books door to door for 12 weeks. I don't know if it is possible to comprehend inspirational books until you fail at something. I thought inspirational books were great before the summer, but not until I began selling books door to door did I realize the true meaning of "Persist until you succeed," or "Quitters never win and winners never quit." I like the book. I read each chapter six times, one each week. I used the topics as positive affirmations. I found it necessary to feed my mind as well as my body because I found I become irrational when I fail at something. I also liked the story part of the book. I can't wait to read the sequel... ... Evan Wearne from Lincoln, NE United States

I first read "The Greatest Salesman in the World" in August 1973. I have read, since that first reading, and will continue to read, all 10 Scrolls every morning for the rest of my life. I recorded the 10 Scrolls on cassette in my own voice and listen to it in my car as I drive to work and again on my return home. Ralph Waldo Emerson said we become what we think about. The 10 Scrolls are what I think about. There is something heroic in the way salespeople make their living. If you are one who cannot fail because you have nowhere to fail to, the Greatest Salesman will guide you on that road that winds uphill all the way to very end on the day's journey that lasts from morn to night, my friend. Og Mandino and I spoke often in 1979 and the years that followed before his return to the loving Father, the actual Author of the Greatest Salesman,who sent him to us. If everyone could read this book at once,we would all become like story book children walking hand in hand across the meadow... ... A reader

This is a fascinating little book that packs a BIG punch.It holds your attention and the message is clear.As Harv from The Millionaire Mind Intensive says "How you do anything is how you do Everything' it is not only about biz it is about Life!Great addition to Spiritualizing Business!!It is such a good book and after so many years on the market it still applies today!... ...Reader from CA United States

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